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Who We Are

Jetton General Contracting is a wholly owned, independent company, which focuses on fast paced and complex projects in the retail industry.  Founded over 35 years ago as an electrical contracting company, we have since grown into a full-scale general contractor specializing in every major construction division.


We’ve prided ourselves on being the general contractor of choice for some of our nation’s largest retailers. We are mindful of what it takes to complete a job successfully by doing things right. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our employees understand how construction projects affect the bottom line for retailers.


We know how critical timing is for completion on commercial projects.  Quality is unparalleled in this category and we take that to the highest level.   Creating and keeping a stress free environment during construction or reconstruction of a project is a top priority that we will continue to maintain throughout the entire process.


These projects typically require multiple decision makers, and often the valued opinions of the public. We are sensitive to these needs and will work with you step-by-step along the way to ensure the standards and procedures are being met as you expect.  Using value engineering we will make sure every dollar counts.

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Meet the Team

Andrew Berner
Andrew Berner
Kendall Jetton
Kendall Jetton
Brandon Treat
Brandon Treat
Project Manager
Tony Esposito
Tony Esposito
Abby Finley
Abby Finley
Accountant - Acounting
Justin Rieathbaum
Justin Rieathbaum
Project Manager - Project Management
Daniel Sharp
Daniel Sharp
Director of Pre-construction - Project Management
Dale Williams
Dale Williams
Electrical Project Manager
Kevin Cunningham
Kevin Cunningham
General Superintendent
Adithya Mallu
Adithya Mallu
Rocio Cavazos
Rocio Cavazos
Administrative Assistant; Project Support
Caitlin Brewer
Caitlin Brewer
Contract Administrator
Cody Mackey
Cody Mackey
Project Engineer
Karen Esquivel
Karen Esquivel

We’re Looking for a New Brand of Builder

Company of Choice

As a company we take pride when we see individuals compensated well for their achievements, and we believe that part of being a healthy company is giving each employee a path to their own financial security. We believe that by providing above-average salaries, we will help to establish that security.

Candidate Confidentiality

Confidentiality for the passive job seeker is crucial and these job seekers need to be able to inquirer about a potential opportunity without the concern of their current job being jeopardized. For this reason, we use the utmost discretion when speaking with all job seekers. At no time will we contact or notify anyone regarding whom we have spoken with or when we have spoken with them.

Career Development

We believe that a great company is made up of great people. We want people to advance their careers with Jetton. We assist you in building a personal development plan, and we share your successes. At Jetton, the performance of our leader’s is based on their ability to develop other people. Promoting people from within our growing organization is always our first choice.

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Jetton General Contracting adds Joseph Dean as Director of Strategic Development

Jetton General Contracting is pleased to announce the addition of Joseph Dean to their executive team as Director of Strategic Development. Dean, who has been...

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Imagine a company that is made up of passionate, bold and creative people, where ideas thrive, ingenuity shines and excellence and originality are celebrated. A company where respect for its clients, partners and communities is paramount. A place where knowledge and skills are shared, and where mutual effort is richly rewarded. At Jetton General Contracting, this image is a reality.

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